Vagabond Flag unveils new music video for ‘Not Afraid’

The fab new video from indie rock star Vagabond Flag, with strong guitars and some powerful political messages, this track NEEDS to be on your radar!


Sweet Review of These Raven Skies

TRS Cover Art HQ


The talented, hard-rock Canadian band These Raven Skies have smashed their way into music with their fearless album named after the band. ‘No Need To Worry’ is a classic rave tune, enjoyable and strong, perfect for heavy rock fans worldwide. The song demonstrates the bands’ confident talent to play phenomenal guitar solos and produce excellent acoustic underlay’s, as well as singing about the topic of chaos, things that make them so popular. Famous Jeff Martin from The Tea Party inspired and featured in ‘No Need To Worry’, showing that These Raven Skies have fantastic links and support from big names, increasing their knowledgeable profiles in the music industry very successfully. While the powerful voice of Chris Perkins shines through in the hardcore track, some of the other album’s songs are more toned down, such as ‘Open Road’ and ‘Emily and Alick’, which shows that the band can achieve every angle in the music business to be successful.

The passionate hard-rock band These Raven Skies have produced an atmospheric and powerful album full of personal and emotional passion and hardcore music. Already their name places a significant image in our minds, making them easily memorable, and their professional musical links (such as Jeff Martin and Scott Weiland) make them stand suitably out from the hard-rock genre crowd. The care placed into the album’s songs- particularly ‘No Need To Worry’ demonstrates their determined ‘hands on’ approach to producing their music, showing their grit to do well that will shine brightly toward their future. Their energy and defined stage presence has been pummelled into many successful live performances, such as for festivals in their hometown. A clever and heavy album, These Raven Skies will be loved by all hard-rock fans.

Candi Staton reaches out on YouTube to fined fan!


A street performer, was recently fined by the police for singing songs of freedom and expressionism, including a Candi Staton classic, Young Hearts Run Free too loudly in a public area.

The American Soul singer has reached out to this fan in his defence by way of a YouTube Video. Stating that he was merely following the messages of the music and living life without boundaries.

In retaliation, Candi has asked that her fan be refunded the fine and has offered him the opportunity to receive a guest appearance at the Jazz Cafe on stage with Candi herself, performing the track as a duet… and as loud as they want I would imagine.

Bollywood legend Kumar Sanu, releases new Album ‘Amor’

Sanu has had previous success with an album in the UK and is now coming back for more with Amor. His father Shri Pashupati Bhattacharjee was a prominent classical singer who, after a long career, found his place in Bollywood movies – setting the tone for his son’s career to follow.

Kumar Sanu has now acquired a total of 69 awards over a glittering career including 64 in his native India (from Filmfare, Zee Cine, Kishore Kumarand more) plus 5 internationally (from Sunrise Radio-London, West Indian Academy, Grammy-West Indies, Bollywood Music-U.S.A. and Radio Lotus-South Africa).

The success and undeniable vocal talent has made him one of the highest profile names in Bollywood, an accolade which he has used to give back to willing charities.

The organisations he has helped support include ‘Tsunami Victims Support’, ‘Cancer Research donations’ and ‘school & orphanage development programmes’. Sanu certainly can’t be accused of resting on his laurels. In fact, in 2009, he was awarded the PADMA SHRI award – the 4th largest civilian award it is possible to receive only from the President of India. Also Mumbai, Holland and Zurich hospitals use one of Kumar songs in their treatment of cancer patients!



Digitalism released their brand new single ‘Wolves’ featuring Youngblood Hawke yesterday through their own Magnetism Records. The track has be given the deluxe remix treatment it deserves with Ed Banger favorite Riton,fellow German duo Booka Shade and the legendary RAC serving up their own reworks of the original.

Having hinted at a change in direction with a soundcloud-only release at the start of the year, Hamburg duo ‘Wolves,’ this is the first proper single that underlines their fantastic new direction. The track features Youngblood Hawke and manages to marry their own trademark European electronic sound with the US bands catchy, indie-pop vibes, creating an unforgettable fresh new sound of electro pop at its best.