‘The Syndrome of Peter Pan’ is available November 20th

You can watch the superb video here:

Kuerty Uyop is a product of Motown and soul. Having grown up listening to no nonsense black funk such as Stevie Wonder, James Brown and Prince, it is evident the dynamic duo bring all the aspects of funk and soul to the table with their up and coming, hard hitting release ‘The Syndrome of Peter Pan.’

Hailing from Italy and Scotland, Kuerty Uyop is a collaborative project between a former Scottish priest and Italian karateka. This being said, they have both the power of prayer and martial arts behind them so watch out. If this wasn’t enough backing, many notable Italian DJs such as Piotta, Cor Veleno, Flaminio Maphia and Sottotono have gotten behind the music making for a strong start to a what will be a massive release.

Combining an interesting mix of European house, techno and elements of classic singwriting, Kuerty Uyop are confident that this original blend of established genres will propel them international stardom.

‘The Syndrome of Peter Pan’ is out November 20th.

Kuerty Uyop Label DEF





Funkmaster general Reole with new album ‘Whats Cookin’

Listen to ‘Got Your Back Girl’:

‘What’s Cookin’ The album is a warm homely feeling album that is honest and not over spiced. The cooking music part is equally influenced by cooking food. We suggest cooking up one of his fantastic recipes while blasting this brilliant record on full volume.

‘What’s Cookin’ is sure to set ears twitching and tummy’s rumbling everywhere with its blend of instrumental funk, jazz and classic rock. It’s an album with subtle touches and fantastic production.

Get hold of what Reole’s been cooking up on December 4th.







New single release by Elle Bee

Elle Bee is set to release her album in early 2016 and single ‘So’ on October 19th

Recently flown out to California by Kiss the Girl to feature on their album, Elle recorded two songs which were later featured on hit US TV shows 90210 and Charmed whilst also appearing on MTV. The song also was used on ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ featuring Jennifer Aniston and Will Ferrell’s DVD boxset.

Portrait of naked woman with tattoo surrounded by mist

Elle is now moving on to solo ventures having recently written and recorded a pop album entitled ‘Ugly Beautiful’ produced by big names James Ruddick and Paul Johnston at Rhythm Studios.

Watch ‘So’ here:

The influence of Dale Griffin and Mott the Hoople has had a profound effect on Elle and in some ways has shaped her latest offering. His presence, support and encouragement was instrumental in her success and it is evident a significant amount of talent has been passed on to his protégé.




Sherwinn ‘Dupes’ Brice – ‘From Saint Lucia With Love’

Sherwinn Dupes Brice - 1

Having already made a name for himself in his native country, Dupes is now focusing on bringing his own, catchy brand of pop to UK shores. Stylishly produced and slickly written, it’s little wonder that tracks such as lead single ‘Guilty’ have caught on in the Caribbean.







Naomi Announces Brand New Single ’Rivers Run’

It’s not just the 19 year-old’s voice, rich in emotion and with a depth that could be from a singer twice her age, or the presence that fills any stage from bars to stadiums. It’s the combination of those elements with a song writing ability that simply leaves jaws on the floor.

Drawing in influences from across the board, Naomi’s music already sounds the finished article. Think the edgy melancholy of Lorde, the irresistible melodies of Taylor Swift, the power and magnetism of Adele. Naomi is all these things and more.


‘Rivers Run’ is out on 25th September 2015

More Naomi can be found here:







British rock band – WARME

A five piece revitalising British rock with single set to be unveiled on October 23rd

This cocktail of guitars, drums and vocals has already seen the five-piece picking up fans both locally, nationally and internationally, with BBC Introducing among their admirers. And now, with a new album (and lead single) titled ‘Council House Opera’ on the way, the second half of 2015 is set to see yet another big step forward for the band.

For a taste of what to expect, check out the track below:

The songs on the album are inspired by the real life scenarios of a band who grew up on council estates in the North of England. Themes of love, peace, fistfights, drinking, partying and hardships all make their way into the lyrics – a reflection of the toughness and joy that have come from their surroundings growing up.

And, having played great shows at European festivals in recent years, the band are no strangers to huge crowds. Having performed in front of tens of thousands on several occasions, Warme are not shy about the quality of their music. And it’s precisely this confidence which could propel them into the great ranks of British rock.

Warme colour pic on steps