Sweet Album Of The Week – Ambient Zone 2

Feature-length music video for Just Music’ s Ambient Zone 2 album (TAO059)

Release date: 20th Jan ’16

To coincide with its release, director Richie Johnston (Weightless – Marconi Union, close to 1 million Youtube views) has created a unique and mesmerizing feature-length one hour music video to accompany the album in its entirety from beginning to end.  Shot in one continuous take, the video features footage of a ballet dancer performing a live visualization and interpretation of the album, to which Johnston applies a concept he has developed using a digital version of an analogue technique called slit – scan photography to create a totally immersive experience, a fascinating  merger of sound and vision,  to the most spectacular and enthralling  effect.

Ambient Zone 2 album (TAO059) is set for release 20th January. It is the 5th volume of the Just Music Cafe Compilation Series.


Stunning EP ‘Trio’

Neil C.Young and new EP Set for January Release

Neil C. Young Trio logo

Neil C.Young is a specialist instrumental jazz musician who cites influences ranging from George Benson to Pat Methany.

New EP TRIO featuring tracks Aguas Calientes, Hydrant and That Darned builds on the experimental, jazz fusion qualities of Encemble but remains a totally separate entity. Melding together a variety of jazz and world genres, Neil C Young is proving that he is an industry leader and pioneer in his own distinct brand of jazz.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Neil-C-Young-Trio/173575565995294

Twitter: https://twitter.com/neilcyoung

Website: http://www.neilcyoungtrio.co.uk/


Marcus Nand – Time And Tide Wait For No Man

A delineation of his musical interests and an amalgamation of his previous work, the album is an exploration on the subjectivity of popular culture and the need for people to be motivated to create artistry through intellectual stimulation and self expression. The single of the same name builds on this idea but takes a more personal twist becoming an objective observation about an aspect of life.

‘Time and Tide Wait For No Man’ is out January 22nd






Stunning New Track ‘Dengeme’ By Stunnah Gee

Stunnah Gee has collaborated with a variety of different producers and musicians during his extensive music career. Having toured with the likes of Davido and Hakeeb Kareem and been involved in production with P2j,  Maleek Berry, Ayo Beatz, Oy Productions, Stunnah Gee has demonstrated he is an integral part of music scenes both in his home country of Nigeria and over here in the UK.

Stunnah Gee is a compelling and emotive performer with a wide range of experiences and influences. His new track is the making of him and is sure to cement him amongst the lofty heights of pop’s greatest icons.

Stunnah, inspired by the growing movement of modern African music and passionate about lending his skills to his home continent embraced the budding Afro-Beat genre and coined the now flourishing African Neo-Soul movement.  Stunnah is hard at work propagating African Neo-Soul and is becoming a pioneer and mentor to the next generation.

Dengeme Remix Artwork II

‘Dengme’ featuring Davido is out January 22nd

Stunnah Gee play’s the Madison Lounge, Manchester on November 20th.





“Just Do It” – Seitlos ft. Timotion

Just do it

Essentially Seitlos is about breaking the mould of pop and becoming the most unconventional, unorthodox, and exciting act possible. A combination of both the new and the old, Seitlos are doing something different with conventional channels to music. They don’t care about accolades or praise they just want to make music that people can enjoy and invest in.

Listen to ‘Just Do It’ here:





With A Passion For Music ‘Novacaine Nothing’ Want To Share Stunning EP

Having played with UK metal acts Death Koolaid, Cryptic Anger, Assimilate and big names such as Exist Immortal, Novacaine Nothing are carving a name for themselves in the fiercely competitive UK metal scene.

The band has gone through many struggles to create upcoming EP ‘Noughts and Crosses’ and this release is an amalgamation of all their influences and experiences.

NN press shot

Listen to ‘Closure’ here:




https://twitter.com/NovaNothing https://instagram.com/novacainenothing/