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With a beautiful and catchy song portrayal of what life is like growing up and pursuing one’s dreams, Canadian singer-songwriter Aka V is embarking upon a bright future as a musician.

Her optimistic approach to life has made her keep a clear head in the pursuit of her own career. Aka V is an artist who knows exactly what she wants and turns her ideas into reality.

Also known under the name Vanessa Huneault, Aka V has always been proactive in making things happen. After growing up in a small town in Quebec where no one speaks English, the decided to hit the road at the age of 20 and packed up her bag to move to Ontario. She learned how to speak English and started a completely new life for herself. Aka V eventually moved to Toronto where she began to focus mostly on her musical career. She took singing lessons and started to play shows.

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Marcus Nand And Stunning Album Set For Release In April

The album ‘Time And Tide Wait For No Man’ is out on 22nd April 2016

“Marcus knows how to write a song that feels truly rock and at the same time, truly worldly.”

–Rami Jaffee (Foo Fighters)

“I think he is a great example of a dedicated musician carrying the torch of his genre well into the future.”

– Mike Inez (Alice In Chains)


As a follow up to his widely acclaimed album ‘Ziroq’ from 2001, the accomplished guitar virtuoso and songwriter Marcus Nand is back with his multifaceted album ‘Time And Tide Wait For No Man’.

With ‘Time And Tide Wait For No Man’, Nand is telling stories of life experiences that people can relate to. In his songs, Marcus is creating an atmosphere that allows the listeners to be transported into a lyrical picture. The themes of the album range from friendship to love and loss. Inspired by some of the most influential bands known to mankind, Marcus explains: “I kept on thinking about how diverse Queen or The Beatles were and not worrying about anything fitting in or not.”






Soultronic Music Prodigy Byron Major is blossoming with funky single release ‘May Flower’

South African musical mastermind Byron Major is impressing with a fresh take on soul and funk influences with his upcoming single ‘May Flower’.


Byron Major has achieved quite a lot for an artist in his early 20s -he’s performed his song ‘South Africa’ for Nelson Mandela’s Boston birthday celebration in 2013, shared a stage with Pavarotti for his farewell tour in South Africa as part of the Drakensberg Boys Choir and sang alongside Grammy Awards winning songwriter Paula Cole at a songwriting showcase at Berklee College of Music. His new single ‘May Flower’ is a funky and addictive soul track produced by multi-platinum selling producer Andy Whitmore in the Londoner Greystoke Studios.

Listen here:

Putting Byron Major’s music into a box is not going to work. While his style is certainly influenced by his early classical music training, Byron takes on elements from traditional South African music to Motown and 21st century electronica. His musical influences derive from artists such as Stevie Wonder, Prince and Marvin Gaye but his philosophy of musical variety is one that rejects categorizations. “My dream is for all of music to live under one umbrella, in one home. To me, genres in music is like racism in society”, he explains. He likes to describe his own sound as ‘soultronic’.

When Byron Major first saw Michael Jackson on TV at the age of five, the King of Pop had left such an impression on him that he soon decided to follow his lead and start working on his own career as entertainer and songwriter. At the age of nine, Byron nearly died in a car crash weeks before watching a concert of the Drakensberg Boys Choir. He watched the performance with his dad and it was then that he decided he’d want to join the choir. After a successful audition, his musical career progressed steadily. Byron remembers: “I started writing songs at the age of 12 years, and used my pocket money to have my songs recorded at a studio near my home. So when other kids were out playing and going to the movies, I stayed at home and wrote and produced songs.”At the sweet age of 17, he was already performing his songs on South African national television. The songsmith has perfected his art during a degree at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, which has fostered the careers of alumni such as Steve Vai and John Mayer. In 2015, Byron Major’s music was playlisted on 21 radio stations across South Africa, including five digital stations in the UK.


His upcoming single ‘May Flower’ was part of a series of EPs he released during his time at Berklee. The song speaks about the push and pull that lovers experience in a passionate relationship. As someone who has never had a relationship, Byron Major draws his songwriting inspiration from reflecting other people’s relationships and reflects on life in general.

The single ‘May Flower’ is out on 15th April 2016.





Stunning EP and Single Set For Release In March

The London-based singer started her musical journey from a young age and has been in bands for most of her time. For near future endeavours and the release of her upcoming EP, she has consciously decided to go solo this time. After the break-up of her last band Cymbeline, Rachel wanted complete creative freedom and independence: “I learnt so much from leading a band but it was time to produce a recording that was entirely my own with songs that are very personal and meaningful to me.” The songs on ‘Science’ are a personal portrayal of Rachel’s own life and therefore as intimate as it gets.

‘Two Sides of Me’ was written about the anxieties that getting close to someone can cause: “It is about how the person you’re with doesn’t necessarily know you, they choose to see what they want to see, and you are selective about what you show of yourself. It’s ultimately about being afraid to show the real you.”

Other tracks on ‘Science’ touch upon topics including the explosive chemistry of a short lived romance, poetry by John Keats and about fighting for your dreams. One song was particularly inspired by her travels to South America, taking on influences of Salsa and Bachata. While mainly rooted in folk and blues, Rachel’s sound is taking on a broad range of musical elements, which is particularly underlined by the use of strings, piano, percussion and the occasional trumpet on the EP.

As both a professional songwriter and someone who works in the communications industry, Rachel is very aware of the challenges that self-promoting one’s music comprise. Like so many 21st century artists on the rise she understands that being a musician nowadays automatically means being a manager, a promoter and a publicist at the same time.

Her new EP is a collection of songs written by Rachel in her single twenties in London and forms a very intimate account of a young songstress who puts the experience of growing up in the 21st century into a musical narrative that feeds from a long chain of musical heritage.

The Single ‘Two Sides of Me’ is out on 26th February and the EP ‘Science’ is out on 18th March 2016.

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Rihanna cancels two UK stadium shows

Rihanna has cancelled two upcoming UK stadium shows due to “logistical” issues.

Promoter Live Nation confirmed the singer will no longer perform at the Cardiff Stadium on June 16 or Sunderland’s Stadium of Light two days later.

In addition, a show at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena has been moved from June 14 to June 25.

Fans with tickets for the two pulled shows have been told they can attend gigs in London, Coventry or Manchester instead, or get a refund.

Rihanna has also forced into cancelling an appearance at a Belgium festival this summer.

The singer was due to perform at Werchter Festival’s Boutique event on July 21 as part of her Anti tour.

However, organisers today (February 19) confirmed that the show will not go ahead due to concerns over security resources.

A large of number of police in the area have to be in Brussels to attend the National Day parade, which will see royal family appear.

Also due to perform at the event were The Weeknd and Big Sean.

Rihanna has now plugged the gap in her schedule by announcing a show at Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi on July 21.

She hasn’t ditched her Belgium fans entirely, however, with the Barbados star confirming an appearance at the Pukkelpop festival in Hasselt on August 18.

It’s been a week of scheduling difficulties for Rihanna, who had to cancel a performance at the Grammy Awards on Monday (February 15) due to vocal health.

She then postponed the first eight shows of her North America Anti tour as a result of production issues.


An album that starts with the track ‘Mechanical Man’ and ends with the song ‘Dr. Frankenstein’ might already hint on what to expect. At least in parts. Russian Metal band Mechanical Man have released their self-titled album contrary to anyone’s expectations with a mixture of welcomed experimentalism and the ability to cause a guitar-induced earthquake in former communist territory. Mingling in components of piano bits a la Scott Joplin with the blood massacre attitude of a proper metal band, this record is both surprising and enthralling. Mechanical Man are giving traditional metal a proper boost and deserve to be high up the metal ladder.



Magazine Gap Release Video for “What’s That About?”

London three-piece Rock Band Magazine Gap have released a video for their catchy new offering“What’s That About?”.

Magazine Gap are James Keen – Vocals and Guitar, Alex Ho – Piano and Keyboards and
Brian McCook – Drums and Percussion
.  Their brand of multi-genre infused rock has been inspired by a whole host of music royalty including Prince and Sting through to more contemporary artists such as OneRepublic and Maroon 5.  These three highly talented musicians create clever songs for those who are still interested in real music.

“What’s That About?” is a classy affair that encompasses the stylish vocals of James Keen, the edgy hip hop beats of Brian McCook and the sophisticated piano-playing of Alex Ho.  There’s a passion and soul to Keen’s voice that could sit comfortably alongside the band’s aforementioned influences.

Having played across Europe, America and the Far East, Magazine Gap are getting ready to release their forthcoming album and this video is just a taster.  If it’s supposed to whet the appetite, it’s more than done its job.