Sweet Beat Of The Week! ALWAYS GO HOME – AKA V





https://www.facebook.com/AKAVofficial https://www.instagram.com/official.aka.v


With a beautiful and catchy song portrayal of what life is like growing up and pursuing one’s dreams, Canadian singer-songwriter Aka V is embarking upon a bright future as a musician.

Her optimistic approach to life has made her keep a clear head in the pursuit of her own career. Aka V is an artist who knows exactly what she wants and turns her ideas into reality.

Also known under the name Vanessa Huneault, Aka V has always been proactive in making things happen. After growing up in a small town in Quebec where no one speaks English, the decided to hit the road at the age of 20 and packed up her bag to move to Ontario. She learned how to speak English and started a completely new life for herself. Aka V eventually moved to Toronto where she began to focus mostly on her musical career. She took singing lessons and started to play shows.

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