Blondfire releases ‘Domino’

Blondfire releases this single ‘Domino’ from her upcoming EP True Confessions. Watch the trippy visuals below.


Francisco Bayon ‘When I Call You’ Review

Francisco Bayo¦ün - When I Call You

The Skype call inspired  ‘When I Call You’  by Francisco Bayon is an uplifting and unique summer anthem. Featuring accordion throughout the track builds up to a huge festival ready texture from just the Skype ringtone. I think everyone can agree that it is a very creative way of using the ringtone. Francisco’s fantastic vocals then come in and deliver some very catchy lyrics and melodic combinations that have been going round in my head for ages after listening to it. Go and get it now!

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The Northcoast release new single ‘With You’

The Northcoast 2


“With You is the perfect musical mix of dance, synthpop and indie sheen. Its bubbly rhythm-driving guitar riff feels lifted from “Songs from the Big Chair” or “Purple Rain”, bouncing with the same excitement that Michael Jackson’s guitarists brought to their hits in the 1980s” – Mitch Mosk (CEO Atwood Magazine)


Hailing from different locations across the north coast of America, The Northcoast’s three members come from New York, New Jersey and Seattle. They are the perfect example of how distance is no barrier to making music and with the aid of technology they have been emailing projects to each other and making music for over 10 years.


“With You” is their latest sparkly single, produced by Tom Lord-Alge, and is the perfect accompaniment to a long road trip or lazing on the grass on a summer’s day.


Watch/Listen to “With You” here:
Each member of the group has played at least three instruments since childhood and this, combined with their multi-cultural backgrounds, has given the group a plethora of musical influences and experience. Combining the pumping beats of Michael Jackson and bass lines of Passion Pit and Chvrches, there really is something for everyone to enjoy.

The Northcoast have realised their childhood dream of both making and performing music. Having made an impact on the stages of Vans Warped Tour and played alongside big names such as Gia Farrell, their future is already looking bright!



Brutha White

Having performed with such acts as the infamous Wu Tang Clan, Samantha Smith, People Under the Stars and Digital Underground it’s clear that Brutha White is adding a zingy new flavour to blues.

Being an avid singer/songwriter blues is not the only music he has performed. He used to (and still does on occasion) perform acoustic hip-hop along the lines of A Tribe Called Quest, whilst also singing ballads for years prior. This is just a few examples of the influences in his music that have aided him in perfecting his craft.


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Sertari encourages us to ‘Keep On Dreaming’ with new dance-pop infused summer single

Watch the music video here:

Pop-singer songwriter Sertari is back with a brand new upbeat summer track ‘Keep On Dreaming’. Set for release on 29th July, the single is available for pre-order from 22nd July.

Comparable to artists such as Gwen Stefani, Nelly Furtado and Helena Paparizou, Sertari has already had much success having played gigs internationally, from Portsmouth to Cyprus!

Having grown up in Hampshire, but originating from Cyprus, she wrote this track as her comeback into the music world following the birth of her daughter. The song was inspired by her experience of motherhood and she wanted to pen her devotion to her daughter. Before becoming a mother, she supported Scratch from the world famous The Roots and has worked with Adrian Hall and Metropolis Studios, she is also currently collaborating with the Grammy award winning J-Ivy.

With her biggest gig to date being New Years Eve Festival in Nicosia, Cyprus where thousands of people danced the night away to her unique sound, she has recently been played on BBC Introducing. She has also had chart success in Germany and Italy.

Keep on Dreaming is available for pre-release from 22nd July and is to be released on 29th July.

Watch the music video here:

Watch the lyric video here:


Review: Livia’s Natural High

Livia’s latest single is an emotive insight into the personal struggles she has overcome.

The track has a recognisable pop sound but is uniquely combined with magical elements allowing Livia to create her own genre of music which she has aptly named ‘magipop’. Despite the track sounding unique it has a commercial edge making it accessible to all.

The song opens with Livia’s enchantingly calming voice layered over some interesting sounding drum beats giving it dimension and movement. As the strength of the backing percussion builds so do the lyrics, which encourage the listener telling them ‘everything you need is inside you’.

Overall I would say this track perfectly showcases Livia’s passion for personal growth through the healing power of music and is one to add to the playlists.


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