‘Suffocate’ by Jazz Mino

London based singer-songwriter, pop artist, ukulele busker and general music extraordinaire, Jazz Mino, is back with the ultra-catchy single ‘Suffocate.’

If Jazz Mino’s music is new to your ears then we’ll let you catch up a little. With a super contemporary pop sound and sharp vocals that set her apart from the competition, Jazz Mino has already set up camp firmly in pop circles with the evocative track, ‘Hurt’, and the equally impressive ‘Superwoman’.

BBC introducing were not the only ones to pick up on her talents either, as Jazz Mino has received praise and compliments from notable artists such as Lianne La Havas and Amy Winehouse, and she has also performed on the same stage as the likes of Professor Green, the Noissettes and Stornoway.

‘Suffocate’ will be an instant hit with lovers of Clean bandit due to the pulsating bass that underlies the track and the string section hook that provides its impact during the chorus.

Jazz Mino’s lyrics conjure images of breaking out and gaining freedom from an oppressive force, and she depicts these feelings all with pin-point vocals and a sense of true relatability: ‘Scream out, shout, let go of this hold that’s over me’.

Jazz Mino states that the track is primarily about anxiety and that ‘The concept of ‘Suffocate’ is a little more serious than my other releases and I feel that the more electronic style/vibe of the track sits well with the theme. For example, the violin solos for me; are a representation of the euphoric feeling of finally being free from something that you’ve felt controlled by for a long time.’ 

Overall, ‘Suffocate’ will certainly breathe life into the UK pop scene as a head-nodding, foot-tapping modern groove that will leave you singing its hook for many hours afterwards.

Check out Jazz Mino’s sites for more!








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