Massimo Colombo creates the best Burt Bacharach tribute album to date

One of the greatest European jazz pianists Massimo Colombo brings together some of the most talented and famous musicians of all time to form ‘We All Love Burt Bacharach’. The 13 track Burt Bacharach tribute album is a blend of smooth jazz, swing and funk making it the most unique tribute album to date.

Feature in the album is Weather Report’s ex drummer Peter Erskine, double bass player Darek Oles, Yellowjacket’s Bob Mintzer, Michael Stever and folk singer Kathleen Grace. The range of musicians alongside the producers Giampaolo Pasquile and Michele Garruti means the album has a real mix of genres such as pop, funk, folk and of course jazz.

Watch the album teaser here:




Indie-electro group Kid Cupid explore society’s conflicts in ‘Broken Down’

Indie-electro quartet Kid Cupid explore social conflicts within their latest electronic single ‘Broken Down’. Fusing soul, electronic and indie rock, Kid Cupid have an infectious style giving them an edge that stands out in the crowded market.

‘Broken Down’ doesn’t follow the indie song cliche that focuses on relationship as the quartet prefer to look at the wide picture. Their songs act as thought provoking social commentaries, giving a unique outlook on life. This original concept isn’t the only unique thing about ‘Broken Down’ as Kid Cupid also use gang vocals. Front women Laura Shaw’s stunning vocals are emphasised throughout the track, controlling the single entirely.

Stream ‘Broken Down’ here:


The Senti-Mentals release 50s style Christmas track ‘You Show Me Yours At Xmas’

Paul Eccentric and John Dobinson have collaborated to form the doo-wop duo The Senti-Mentals who have developed the 50s style, giving it a punk poet edge. The Senti-Mentals are releasing the seasonal single ‘You Show Me Yours At Xmas’ following the story of an anti-hero who attempts to pull anything with a pulse and isn’t successful. The humorous track is accompanied by an animated video that shows the anti-hero’s constant attempts to win over a women and ends in utter failure.

Eccentric and Dobinson explain that the single follows “that one guy from accounts who assumes that every lady in the office wants to go home with him but he couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Eccentric is well known for being the voice of The Antipoet and playing in The Odd Eccentric who achieved a number 1 single in Denmark. However Eccentric wanted to develop the doo-wop sound and as the front man of The Senti-Mentals he has taken the 50s style on a musical journey.

Listen to ‘You Show Me Yours At Xmas’ here:



Sean Paul releases single ‘No Lie’ featuring up and coming singer Dua Lipa

Sean Paul presents his fans with another infectious anthem ‘No Lie’, featuring the English singer and model Dua Lipa. She will be releasing her debut album early 2017 but Paul has certainly helped the rising star gain some well deserved attention.

The Jamaican hip-hop artist has had a fantastic year working with Sia on ‘Cheap Thrills’ and Clean Bandit’s hit ‘Rockabye’ but now is his time to shine. The single is expected to appear on Sean’s upcoming album but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Listen to ‘No Lie’ here:

Quirky singer-songwriter Corinna Jane releases single taken from upcoming EP ‘Hard In Love’

Taken from her upcoming EP ‘Hard In Love’, quirky singer-songwriter Corinna Jane has released the feisty single ‘Three Faces Of You’ alongside a live video. The single following the story of Corinna’s relationship with someone who had multiple personalities forcing them into a fantasy world, brings back the ethos of old school pop music.

From a young age Corinna began learning piano and trained as a singer so by the time she was in her teens she had established her own songwriting style. This has led to her receiving interest from the likes of BBC Introducing and BBC Radio 6 who have played her music in the past. Corinna was also placed in the top 5 solo artists at the Rock The House Competition, proving just how talented she is.

‘Three Faces Of You’ was released with a live music video, which has a strong resemblance to the likes of No Doubt and Fleetwood Mac.

Watch the live music video here:

REVIEW: Junkerry – As We Are

Alternative pop artist Junkerry releases unique single ‘As We Are’ blending a range of genres and influences. After being classically trained in Indian music, Junkerry escaped from her original genre and started using state of the art softwares, her strong vocals and electric guitars. This has formed an infectious single with a prominent beat controlling it and Junkerry’s gentle vocals layered on top.

The electronic style of the track makes it impossible to not tap your foot in time with the beat. Listen to the track here:

Junkerry is also working alongside Dior designer Patrick Morgan who has used a Google Tilt visual paint brush to form the music video. Their aim is to transform the 2D video into the first ever Virtual Reality music video.

Watch the 2D video for ‘As We Are’ here:

Lenny’s ‘Blueberry Hill’ cover

Singer-songwriter, Lenny Bunn, otherwise simply known as ‘Lenny’, has released his jazz infused cover of the classic track, ‘Blueberry Hill’.

Many of the greats have covered the song from Elvis Presley to Cliff Richard, and Skeeter Davis to Led Zeppelin, but Lenny has put his own stamp on the track recording it in devotion to his late adopted father who loved ‘Blueberry Hill’.

Lenny’s video also offers something a bit different, showing his band recording their part of the song from different studios around the world.

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