New seasonal single from Sussex-based Singer-Songwriter Jon McDevitt

Sussex-based singer-songwriter, Jon McDevitt, has just released his sensational seasonal single ‘Father Christmas’. Check out the emotive video here:

This Christmas sing-along cleverly blends influences from The Smiths and Dexys Midnight Runners amongst others, to form an easy listen seasonal single.

Thoughtful lyrics by co-writer Dominic Hudson paint Father Christmas as a figure missing from Christmas, whilst allowing the listener to interpret it as to how or why. These combine with an infectious melody to make a Christmas single that stands out from the crowd.

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‘Prisoner to the Past’ by Homesick Mick

The intriguing singer-songwriter, Homesick Mick, has released his latest single ‘Prisoner to the Past’, from his debut EP Black Hole Friday.

With some quality songwriting and meaningful lyricism, Homesick Mick has honed his folk-pop-rock style which is most evident in his festive release, ‘Prisoner to the Past’. The video for the track also features The Beatles greats, Paul and John, not the real ones, obviously, but they’re pretty good lookalikes! With the pertinent lyrics of the track, the evocative songwriting talents of John Lennon himself are not far away from Mick’s latest effort.

Homesick Mick has also been involved in a social media campaign against the Sir Philip Green, whose corrupt behaviour in extorting the former employees of BHS has been deplored by many, including members of parliament. Mick’s campaign went full throttle when he took to the streets of London outside Green’s flagship Topshop store where he protested on behalf of the BHS employees, accompanied by his guitar.

The well travelled singer has found himself performing across the UK at festivals such as Cambridge Folk Festival and Wychwood Festival and his upcoming album, The Mysterious Abduction and Return of Homesick Mick, is set for release in January 2017.


M’GOO’s ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”’

M’GOO is the musical project spearheaded by composer and vocalist, Mike Meighu. Along with his band, M’GOO create a highly listenable brand of jazz-pop which is exhibited in their latest release ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”’.

One quirk that the band have is their approach to songwriting. By taking inspiration from true life stories of other and poems, M’GOO are able to write truly original songs reinforced with real emotion and meaning.

For example, ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”’ follows the story of a couple due to get married, but their relationship suddenly falls apart after one of them visits a fortune teller and the results are less than pleasing.

Despite the gravity of such a situation providing the substance to the track, M’GOO have crafted a beautifully melodic tune that looks to the positives of moving forward, rather than the negatives of a break up.

The band incorporate total artistic license to their work and they have even made a mood board for the track which you can see here on their website:


Award winning artist Alonestar releases single ‘Lovelorn’

After going straight to number 3 in the iTunes charts with his debut album, winning two EIA and two Exposure music awards and producing Bars and Melody’s platinum selling abum, it was clear Alonestar was going to take the music industry by storm. Alonestar, aka Jethro Sheeran, returns with a new single ‘Lovelorn’, which is accompanied by a breath taking music video featuring Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding.

The addictive single was produced by Sheeran himself with the help of Massive Attack’s guitarist Angelo Bruschini. It explores the idea of heartbreak and unrequited love through top 10 singer Rosie Ribbons stunning vocals above a prominent drum beat recorded by Massive Attack’s Damon Reece.

Stream ‘Lovelorn’ here:

Corinna Jane explores relationships in ‘Three Faces Of You’

From supporting Leddra Chapman to being a guest vocalist/co-writer with German DJ Mark-Oh, quirky singer-songwriter Corinna Jane has experience in the industry whilst still staying humble. Corinna is now set to release her EP ‘Hard In Love’ and has released ‘Three Faces Of You’ taken form the EP, accompanied by a live video.

Corinna’s passion for music began from a young age. She started piano and singing lessons by the age of 5 and soon was composing her own music. She easily found her own style and established herself as a singer-songwriter in her teens.

The keen actress, model and radio presenter has caught the attention of many, leading to her recieving airplay on the likes of BBC Radio 6, Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing.

‘Three Faces Of You’ follows the story of Corinna’s relationship with someone who lived in their own fantasy world with various personalities residing in him. Watch the feisty live music video below.

Review: ‘Ontology (Form and Content)’ by The Maladaptive Solution

If you like your music deep, meaningful and even spiritual, then The Maladaptive Solution’s ‘Ontology (Form and Content)’ is one for you.

As an International music collective, the group write what they describe as ‘middle age symphonies to God’ full of meaning and didactic purpose.The mysterious group find inspiration all walks of music but their main focus is to create music with quality production.

‘Ontology (Form and Content)’ has a very relaxing vibe to it, complemented by the Indian-fusion drone and sitar in the background. A Folk-esque acoustic guitar is layered on top, along with the occasional electric lick to add that feel-good-rock feeling.

The vocals are simple but arguably, this is their best quality. Sometimes, simple is best and it certainly is in this case. The lead vocals are backed up by a joyous backing choir that creates a sense of epic-ness to the music of The Maladaptive Solution. Lyrics such as: ‘Try to learn all you need to learn before you die/ And if now you’ll have another time/ Cause you’re only a form/ That you’re content is for‘ demonstrate that the band are pushing ideas of morality in their music, through honest, good-quality songwriting that’s easy to listen to.

Listeners of the track have reported crying, feeling a strong sense of happiness or even a sense of support during a hard time, proving how ‘Ontology (Form and Content)’ can be interpreted by the individual in whichever way they wish.

Contributors to The Maladaptive Solution include Brad Beard, Michael Carpenter, Michael Giblin, Jimmy Haber and Kylie Whitney.

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