Deep House Is Rising Once Again, In The Form Of Roman Zayats

Making his way to the top is no easy task, however, DJ, Producer and performer Roman Zayats is making sure there will be a place for him secured among the greats.

Now based in Russia, where he is also currently recording and working. His passion for music has been creeping in and out throughout his life and now he sees the opportunity to take his music to new heights.

As well as being a entrepreneur involved in the electrical business, Roman has electrified his recent creation. Drawing inspiration from famous artists and DJ’s such as David Guetta, The Weeknd, Depeche Mode and Tears for fears, you could call his new creation somewhat of a Frankenstein of influences.

His recent single release ‘Cold’, will have people turning up the volume on their stereo systems. As well as this, Roman is aiming to surprise audiences with mystery guest singers, sure to be a treat for all music lovers.