Olisha Naiker: Strangers

Olisha Naiker has just released new song ‘Strangers’ and wants EVERYONE to hear it!


Creating original classic pop songs for a generation and bored with manufactured bands, Olisha debuts her new single ‘Strangers’.

‘Strangers’ which has a cool and atmospheric video to accompany it, in which she showcases her strong, alluring voice. The video shows viewers on how to let someone go who is now a stranger. She wants the video to be a great influence on her viewers.


Olisha has come back with her new single with a bang.

Being influenced from artists such as; Michael Jackson and Jay Sean, Olisha has been very passionate about music from a young age.

Come and watch her very inspirational video, you wont want to miss!

You can watch it below:

‘Strangers’ has a potential to have a huge break out in mainstream music as well as the Asian market.


‘Down The Aisle’ by Music Theory

Making a quality pop song in this day and age can seem like an impossible task, but emerging Egyptian artist, Music Theory, seems to have cracked the code for it and here’s the secret: keep it simple.

Music Theory thrives on classic instrumentation and song-structuring which he couples with simple, but heartfelt lyricism. So often these days, we see artists trying to do too much to stand out from the crowd, but sometimes it’s worth just going back to the basics and original tried-and-tested recipe as you know that it works!

Through this well considered song writing process, the talented songwriter tackles issues as diverse as love, hope, despair, loneliness and inner conflicts. And evidently, ‘Down The Aisle’ is about as quintessentially love song as it gets. Well worth a listen!







‘Haters’ – Line Mari

Following the success of her infectious pop anthem ‘Crush’, Norwegian pop singer, Line Mari is back with a mesmerizing melody,  that sparks real emotion. With intense vocals, brooding pianos, and a backdrop of tropical-tinged synths, ‘Haters’ showcases perfectly Line Mari’s distinctive electro pop sound.

‘Haters’ and ‘Crush’ will both appear on Line Mari’s upcoming album ’21 Days’, due  for global release Friday 4th November. With her first two single releases delivering such a unique, electrifying sound with a catchy pop-rock edge, we are very excited to listen to what Line Mari has in store for us.

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‘Thunder Come’- Ashley Iona


Ambient is the word that comes to mind when listening to Ashley Iona’s latest track, ‘Thunder Come’.

The Australian singer is currently based in Los Angeles for the sake of her musical pursuits and has worked with some big names, including Justin Hergett who was Grammy-nominated for Beyonce’s 2014 self-titled album.

Iona has a magical, mesmerising vocal tone that ranges from a smooth whisper to a rich growl, but what stands out most is the clean sound of purity in her voice.

Whilst the track begins with an ambient feel, by the time the chorus come in, Ashley rains down with with a powerful, pulsating beat and crashing symbols that reflect the thunderous subtext of the song.

According to Ashley Iona, the song was written during three days of rare thunderstorms in Los Angeles and so her inspiration for the track is clear. Consequently, there is a sense of cleansing and purifying evoked by the track, not only by its lyrics, but the overall vibe of the song too, demonstrated by the transition from calm and ambient to the fast paced, crashing chorus.

A classically trained singer from the age of 10, Ashley has spent the past 4 years in LA working in the same studio as Sia and Christina Perri, developing her style and finding her own voice. She has experimented with different musical styles but she seems to have found her musical identity with ‘Thunder Come’.

For more on Ashley Iona, check her out here:






‘Suffocate’ by Jazz Mino

London based singer-songwriter, pop artist, ukulele busker and general music extraordinaire, Jazz Mino, is back with the ultra-catchy single ‘Suffocate.’

If Jazz Mino’s music is new to your ears then we’ll let you catch up a little. With a super contemporary pop sound and sharp vocals that set her apart from the competition, Jazz Mino has already set up camp firmly in pop circles with the evocative track, ‘Hurt’, and the equally impressive ‘Superwoman’.

BBC introducing were not the only ones to pick up on her talents either, as Jazz Mino has received praise and compliments from notable artists such as Lianne La Havas and Amy Winehouse, and she has also performed on the same stage as the likes of Professor Green, the Noissettes and Stornoway.

‘Suffocate’ will be an instant hit with lovers of Clean bandit due to the pulsating bass that underlies the track and the string section hook that provides its impact during the chorus.

Jazz Mino’s lyrics conjure images of breaking out and gaining freedom from an oppressive force, and she depicts these feelings all with pin-point vocals and a sense of true relatability: ‘Scream out, shout, let go of this hold that’s over me’.

Jazz Mino states that the track is primarily about anxiety and that ‘The concept of ‘Suffocate’ is a little more serious than my other releases and I feel that the more electronic style/vibe of the track sits well with the theme. For example, the violin solos for me; are a representation of the euphoric feeling of finally being free from something that you’ve felt controlled by for a long time.’ 

Overall, ‘Suffocate’ will certainly breathe life into the UK pop scene as a head-nodding, foot-tapping modern groove that will leave you singing its hook for many hours afterwards.

Check out Jazz Mino’s sites for more!







Bentley Jones stuns with new EP, ‘The Prequel’

_MG_5300_1000xSong smith Bentley Jones returns with a glowing new release combining rock, pop and electronica to create a unique sound and style. This is the most streamline release you will hear this year and something you don’t want to miss out on.

Most artists would be content in achieving less than half of what Bentley Jones has managed to over his illustrious career. His first single debuted at #5 in the Japanese Charts without any promotion and he was the first British artist to release a Japanese album on a major label. He also recorded and performed with May J and achieved several chart topping dance hits for the likes of Madonna, will.i.am, Sia and Ariana Grande to name just a few!

Having been compared to David Guetta, will.i.am and Avicii, Bentley Jones is keen to cement his place as a leading performer and so far he’s been successful in that aim.  Jones has collaborated with Curtis Young who happens to be the son of Dr Dre, on a number of releases. His version of “West End Girls” was adored by Neil Tenant and even Lady Gaga follows him on Twitter!

Listen to ‘Follow You Down’ here: https://youtu.be/tQegrTURzYs

Although Bentley is loved by the industry and fans alike, he feels it is time for change, and looks to  explore the social conformities and pigeon holed genres that are associated with male artists in his music. Having come from a labour orientated family, Bentley knows the meaning of hard work and has strived his whole life to achieve success which he feels often contrasts with the manufactured pop stars of today’s world.

Bentley Jones is a very diverse character. Not only a musician and writer, Bentley was part of a string of sold out shows with the Birmingham Opera were he utilised his extensive dance talents to great acclaim. He is also a trained fitness instructor, gymnast and swimmer whilst also being a fantastic dancer and extraordinary singer.

His infectious pop laden hooks and variance in genres and styles makes Bentley Jones an instant hit. His new tracks ooze class and style whilst getting your head bobbing and feet tapping. It is a testament to his musical genius that he manages to adhere to the established genres that made him famous whilst also being able to incorporate new influences to create truly original sounds.

Melodically, sonically and lyrically Bentley Jones has created a flawless release which will appeal to people of all walks of life and tastes in music. The EP will be released on August 31st.