Andrew Small Brings You The Best And Smoothest Sounds With Brand New Album ‘What Happens Now?’


Andrew Small, a well respected drummer and musician who has played live with the likes of Kylie Minouge and IL Divo, however Andrew is now making his own music, and taking it out into the world.

Blessing us with brand new album ‘What happens now’, a blend of session musicians for every nook and cranny, making this out to be a momentous project. This full length album is a treat for any musicians musicians, with elements of jazz, funk, soul and R&B, this album is guaranteed not to disappoint.



Crack Of Dawn Are Bringing You Sweet Beats And Great Tunes Once Again

The formidable forces that join together to make ultra talented group Crack Of Dawn.

Their recent release ‘Spotlight‘, is a culmination of brand new songs and re-recordings of some of the old classics. With leading track ‘Spotlight‘, the supporting tracks such as ‘Somebody’s Watching You’ and ‘Boobie Ruby’, this brand new release is assured to be a great instalment into the Crack Of Dawn Back Catalogue.

This will all come from the brains that managed to be the first black group to be signed by a major record label, as they were discovered by Otis Redding’s producers. Along side this, having the achievement of outselling Earth, Wind and Fire.

Guitarist Carl Harvey, Rupert Harvey, Alexis Baro; keyboardist Bela Hayman; drummer Carl Otway, bassist Charles Sinclair all mixed with the soulful voice of Michael Dunston are all set for the musical journey ahead.

Be sure to check them out.



Lawrence Preston has da funk!

Lawrence Preston already feels like it should be a name in the should music world that everyone knows as well as Marvin Gaye and or Curtis Mayfield.  Lawrence’s new single ‘Something For You’ has the style of a soul classic, the hook any good song needs and showcases Lawrence’s musical prowess all without having to try!

Right from the start of the track you get that ‘UMPH’, a wave of glorious funk, makes you nod your head, as if you are driving down the freeway with the roof down, wearing your ray-bans… Barry white eat your heart out. Whilst it feels like a soul Classic, the underlying electronic drum sounds also give it a fresh, modern hip-hop twist.

Its plain to see what a talent Lawrence Preston is, someone who has homed their craft with magnificent attention to detail. He deserves your time.

Watch the video for ‘Something For You’ below!

M’GOO’s ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”’

M’GOO is the musical project spearheaded by composer and vocalist, Mike Meighu. Along with his band, M’GOO create a highly listenable brand of jazz-pop which is exhibited in their latest release ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”’.

One quirk that the band have is their approach to songwriting. By taking inspiration from true life stories of other and poems, M’GOO are able to write truly original songs reinforced with real emotion and meaning.

For example, ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”’ follows the story of a couple due to get married, but their relationship suddenly falls apart after one of them visits a fortune teller and the results are less than pleasing.

Despite the gravity of such a situation providing the substance to the track, M’GOO have crafted a beautifully melodic tune that looks to the positives of moving forward, rather than the negatives of a break up.

The band incorporate total artistic license to their work and they have even made a mood board for the track which you can see here on their website:


Massimo Colombo creates the best Burt Bacharach tribute album to date

One of the greatest European jazz pianists Massimo Colombo brings together some of the most talented and famous musicians of all time to form ‘We All Love Burt Bacharach’. The 13 track Burt Bacharach tribute album is a blend of smooth jazz, swing and funk making it the most unique tribute album to date.

Feature in the album is Weather Report’s ex drummer Peter Erskine, double bass player Darek Oles, Yellowjacket’s Bob Mintzer, Michael Stever and folk singer Kathleen Grace. The range of musicians alongside the producers Giampaolo Pasquile and Michele Garruti means the album has a real mix of genres such as pop, funk, folk and of course jazz.

Watch the album teaser here:



Lenny’s ‘Blueberry Hill’ cover

Singer-songwriter, Lenny Bunn, otherwise simply known as ‘Lenny’, has released his jazz infused cover of the classic track, ‘Blueberry Hill’.

Many of the greats have covered the song from Elvis Presley to Cliff Richard, and Skeeter Davis to Led Zeppelin, but Lenny has put his own stamp on the track recording it in devotion to his late adopted father who loved ‘Blueberry Hill’.

Lenny’s video also offers something a bit different, showing his band recording their part of the song from different studios around the world.

Check out more on Lenny here:



flying-on-a-kiteGrowing up listening to The Temptations, Jackson 5, Elvis and Cat Stevens,  she is influence by Dolly Parton, Jersey Boys Johnny Cash, Tracy Chapman and even modern day great Amy Winehouse and Craig David. Leat has a broad knowledge of music and the music she creates, she uses equipment from the 50’s and 60’s even the drum kit was vintage, after the recording process she takes her music to a studio and uses a machine that makes the songs sound like they were recorded in an analogue way.




The lead single off of the EP is ‘Wait For Me’ following in the style of the rest of the EP, it has an extremely vintage feel and transports you back to an era where music was pure and honest with a definite romantic feel, the single was influenced by the TV programme MadMen which is based in the 50s/60’s, most of the women were stay at home housewives and are at their husbands beck and call, her husband calls to say he will be home late but the wife actually knows he is cheating on her, she is too afraid to speak her mind, the song is upbeat and happy because Leat knows that in this day and age she can be a woman with her own mind and thoughts, just like a man. Leat raised money for the video off of Crowd Funding raising two thousand pounds to complete the visuals.