Today’s Main Musical Attraction: Ben Ridley And His Superbly Sweet Style

With the release of Ben Ridley’s ‘Sing’, i decided to take a look at this majestic, yet to the point tune.

‘Sing’ is a fantastically arranged piece, earning Ben a spot on a long list of greats!

He manages to gain a strong and cool bravado while Perfectly encapsulating the beauty that seeps through his mind; Images of New York lights, Rainy days and the bright feeling of being in a rich and cultured environment. The main theme though however, seems to be the positivity that Ben Ridley possesses, making his tracks that bit more heartfelt.

The overall feeling that the song ‘Sing’ gives me, is that of a person who has just found a new perception on life, and who is ready and willing to take on anything.



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Kalada Gives You Groove With The ‘Bussa Move’


Kalada, a brand new act from North West London has been hard at work, and now has something great to show us, the ‘Bussa Move’.

Yes, that’s right, the brand new single ‘Bussa Move’ is getting everyone excited, and with a little social media competition on the go, more and more buzz is surrounding the songs release. The track is a beautifully arranged blend of Brazilian inspired music with modern day hip-hop and dance.

The track also has had the music video makeover treatment, with a recently released video opening up the visual market, making Kalada an unstoppable force.




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Hunter’s Brand New Track ‘Gay’ Urges You To Be Proud Of Who You Are!


A call to anyone and everyone to be who you want to be, and be proud of it.

The new song ‘Gay’, by Hunter is making the rounds as a modern day voice of the people. With a powerful message underlining the unique melodies and eclectic instrumentation.

The song gravitates around the narrative of one man declaring his sexuality to another who is not 100% open to the idea. The song has a number of references to how Hunter feels towards discrimination, “I’m a Bigger man, Bigger man than you”.

However, Hunter has stated that this song is for everyone and anyone, as it is a call to accept who you really are and what you want to be.

Spreading the message one track at a time, Hunter seems to be on a roll, so be sure to check him out:




Instagram: hunter.the.voice



Mavis Victory Project- Don’t go away

Mavis Victory project is made up of  four brothers and a childhood friend, the band’s unconventional line-up is the perfect match to their equally mould-breaking sound. Formed by the Ransom brothers – singer Michael, Phil on rhythm guitar, Ollie on bass, Chris on drums and Robert Rosser on guitar and keyboard – the whole collective is self-taught

Oozing seedy electronic loops and with echoing, swooping vocals, their sound is all dangerous street corners; distant sirens and the creeping underworld. Appropriately, their video is just as unhinged, inviting you into their world.


With influences including Arctic Monkeys; Kanye West and ScHoolboy Q, Mavis Victory Project is the musical equivalent of joining a cult – once you’re in, you wonder how you ever managed without. The video to “Don’t Go Away” is due for release on September 22nd and is just as arresting as their sound; with girls, gangs and clandestine weirdery likely to eat away at the inside of your head in a way you won’t be able to resist.

M3staken finishes trilogy with ‘Rain’

cover art

Hailing from South Carolina, concept artist M3staken (M3) has ended his trilogy of albums with Rain. After the releases of Apex and Water Colors, which announced the eccentric style of M3 to the world, he has continued in much the same vein with the latest record.

Although Apex experimented with a hint of classical piano, juxtaposed with M3staken’s fracturing producer style, the second and third records focus on complicated beats and a haunting ambience.

Although M3staken takes inspiration from contemporary acts such as Joey Bada$$, Jamie XX and FKA Twigs, these influences are mere hints that the talented young producer draws upon when concocting his complex style of music.

As the last piece of M3’s trilogy, he notes that this is the album that has meant the most to him due to its conclusive nature that seems to summarise his style. M3 commented that Rain is ‘loosely connected to my two previous works and it is primarily a collection of my personal favourite songs’.


Track Review: ‘The Night’ by Screams On Sunday

“Music is global and Screams On Sunday are proving that Spain deserves to be taken seriously in the rock music scene.” – FTD Music

Decent rock bands are few and far between these days and it might come as a surprise to you the latest innovation in the genre is coming from Spain, but don’t be hasty to dismiss it – there’s plenty to shout about with ‘The Night’ by Screams on Sunday.

Having formed the band over the internet, the group are now inseparable and have been working hard, releasing their debut EP Call Reality A Lie in 2014. Now, they are back with their latest hard-hitting single, ‘The Night’, which picks up where the band left off with driving guitar rhythms and crashing drum beats.

The track begins with a fuzzy bass and guitar line that introduces the song’s hook before being brashly interrupted by a wall of distortion that paves the way for the rest of ‘The Night’.

Despite this, Screams On Sunday have some unique vocals at the front of their sound powered by Patty Noa who gives the band a real edge. Her voice evokes both sweetness as well as attitude through its wide ranging tonal capabilities, gifting Screams On Sunday with their own unique sound.

Having been compared to the likes of All Time Low, A Day To Remember and even No Doubt, it is clear that the band have a strong inspirational pedigree behind their image and brand of music.

Whilst rock may have evolved through many guises over recent years, almost to the point where there is nothing that we can really determine as just ‘rock’ music, it’s refreshing to see a band like Screams On Sunday throwing everything at creating hard, powerful and yet honest rock tunes that take us back to days of old. Definitely get your ears wrapped round this one!

Find out more on Screams On Sunday here:





Indie-electro group Kid Cupid explore society’s conflicts in ‘Broken Down’

Indie-electro quartet Kid Cupid explore social conflicts within their latest electronic single ‘Broken Down’. Fusing soul, electronic and indie rock, Kid Cupid have an infectious style giving them an edge that stands out in the crowded market.

‘Broken Down’ doesn’t follow the indie song cliche that focuses on relationship as the quartet prefer to look at the wide picture. Their songs act as thought provoking social commentaries, giving a unique outlook on life. This original concept isn’t the only unique thing about ‘Broken Down’ as Kid Cupid also use gang vocals. Front women Laura Shaw’s stunning vocals are emphasised throughout the track, controlling the single entirely.

Stream ‘Broken Down’ here: